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We specialize in affordable housing property management in Michigan and across the country

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If you are an owner of affordable housing  in Michigan, you may be frustrated because you know how hard it is to find reliable and professional property management services. 

Combine that with finding a company that has expertise in Section 8 and Section 42/LIHTC programs, along with local market expertise in Tennessee and it can feel almost impossible to find the right partner to work with. 

At Trillium Property Management, our dedicated team is here to take some of the stress out of ownership by offering a full suite of services including Affordable Housing Property Management, Compliance, Resident Services and General Contracting/Construction Services.


By offering a full suite of in house services, we make owning Affordable Housing easier and more cost efficient for our clients


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Why Choose Trillium Property Management 

We are expanding our property portfolio into Detroit, MI in 2024 and we were selected by the ownership group because of our expertise in Section 8 & LITHC Affordable Housing Programs, excellence in meeting our operational KPIs and continued Compliance program performance (Above Average & Superior MOR scores)

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We need more Low Income Housing in Michigan

The need for low income housing in Michigan is a pressing concern that resonates across the state, impacting residents from diverse backgrounds and communities. As Michigan undergoes economic shifts and population changes, the demand for housing has intensified, leading to rising costs and a shortage of affordable options. This situation particularly affects low-income households, creating a barrier to stable and secure living arrangements. In cities like Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Flint, the challenges are exacerbated by urban development and gentrification, making it increasingly difficult for many individuals and families to find housing that aligns with their financial means.

The shortage of low income housing not only contributes to housing instability but also perpetuates cycles of poverty. Addressing this issue requires collaborative efforts from policymakers, community leaders, and private stakeholders to develop and implement effective strategies that ensure the availability of affordable housing throughout Michigan, fostering a more inclusive and resilient state for all its residents

We look forward to working with you to solve this critical societal issue.

Trillium Property Management

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