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FAME Portfolio

As of June 1, 2022, Trillium Property Management has taken on management of (9) additional properties, totaling 314 units owned by FAME Housing Corporation located in Los Angeles, CA. Since 1992, FAME Corporations has been a community partner and leader in addressing social and economic inequalities affecting low-income, underserved communities in Los Angeles. Today, FAC serves over 1,000,000 people annually by leveraging strong community-wide partnerships, agency relationships, and organizational collaborations to deliver relevant and culturally appropriate programs impacting people’s lives and improving the neighborhoods and communities they call home. Similarly, Trillium prides itself in offering exemplary property management services by executing operational excellence, ensuring all properties are in state and federal compliance and making the residents a priority with the support of Resident Service Coordinator services. With missions closely aligned, Trillium is excited to partner with FAME in serving the residents of the community and beyond.

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Trillium’s REAC team oversaw a HUD/REAC inspection on March 14, 2022 for Community Garden Towers, a 333 unit high rise property in Orange, CA. The team worked collectively in preparing for the inspection by creating a plan and executing the plan with a high level of attention to detail and workmanship. The property received a final score of 99a, which is the highest recognition a property can receive under HUD/REAC property scoring system. The property is now under a 3-year period until the next REAC inspection is estimated to be completed in 2025. The Trillium REAC team has now scored 98 and 99 on their first two REAC inspections of 2022!


“I am grateful for everyone’s efforts in preparing for this inspection. I want to recognize everyone who helped on the team for achieving our goals as a department. We couldn’t score 99 without everyone holding up their portions of the work. Thank you to everyone who helped on this REAC inspection!"

- Carlos Santillan, Senior Maintenance Supervisor, Trillium Property Management


99a | March 2022


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98b | May 2022

Trillium’s REAC team underwent a HUD/REAC inspection on May 19, 2022 for Concord Huntington Park, a 162 unit high rise property in Concord Huntington Park, CA. The team completed multiple property walks and unit inspections to assess and analyze the work that needed to be completed. The team then drafted a (1) month plan to address the needs of the property and worked diligently to ensure a good score. The property received an exemplary final score of 98b and the next REAC inspection will not be for another 3 years. Preceded by 99a and 98b scores at other Trillium managed properties this year, this is the 3rd notable score for Trillium’s REAC team this year!

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Management & Occupancy Review (MOR)

What is an MOR? A Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) is conducted by HUD and contract administrators annually for properties receiving government funding. The purpose a MOR is to assess management performance and property compliance with HUD guidelines and regulations. The goal is to receive a passing MOR score which means the property is adhering to HUD policies and is operating safe, fair and financially sound operation for providing affordable housing to the community.

Most Recent MORs:

3/28/24 - Beverly Towers: "Above Average" Score

1/31/22 - Community Garden Towers: "Superior" Score

4/5/22 - Huntington Gardens: "Above Average" Score

6/7/22 - FAME Arms: "Satisfactory" Score


Fair Housing

All employees must complete a 3-hour course that covers both federal and California and fair housing laws. Some of the key issues covered include the origins of fair housing laws, the federal, state, and local protected classes and the enforcement of fair housing laws. The course also covers disability; it's definition, the process of handling requests such as assistance animals and parking, and then covers hoarding and mental disabilities. The training goes over fair housing in the life cycle of a tenancy from marketing and leasing process; resident selection; establishing rental criteria and community policies; termination of tenancy and many other practical day-to-day applications of fair housing in California. 

All Trillium employees are required to complete the Sexual Harassment Prevention Course. Sexual harassment complaints aren’t confined to employment relationships. It can also be a serious on-site problem with residents. Owners and managers of multifamily properties can reduce the risk of sexual harassment claims being filed against them by educating all employees. SB 1343 has expanded the training requirements to businesses with as few as five employees, including temporary and seasonal workers. The training covers these areas along with workplace harassment: • A review of current law on both state and federal levels •Types of sexual harassment • What activities are considered harassment • Gender identity & expression, sexual orientation • What is bullying • Preventing harassment

Sexual Harassment Prevention




98b | January 2022

Trillium’s REAC team completed a HUD/REAC inspection on January 14, 2022 for Huntington Gardens, a 185 unit high rise property in Huntington Beach, CA. Trillium’s maintenance team completed a full REAC audit of the property and executed the plan over the course of three weeks. The property received a final score of 98b, which equals the best possible outcome for a property under HUD/REAC’s scoring system. The property’s next REAC inspection will come in 2025 due to receiving an outstanding final score of 98b. The Trillium REAC team is off to a fantastic start in 2022!


“Trillium’s REAC team performs at a very high level for our organization and ownership partners. We put a continued emphasis on maintaining our properties at REAC standards at all times, not just when we know an inspection is coming. Trillium has found this approach to be a critical aspect of receiving scores in the high 90’s. I am so proud of everyone who contributes to the REAC process here at Trillium!”

- Monique Holden, CEO, Trillium Property Management

Trillium REAC Team

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Trillium is proud to highlight it's partnership with Innovative Housing Opportunities (IHO). IHO develops high quality and sustainable affordable housing communities that are indistinguishable from market rate properties, where residents can thrive, develop healthy habits, and achieve success and stability.

Trillium currently manages one of IHO's communities, Woodbridge Manor (Irvine, CA) and has developed a close relationship with the leadership team at IHO. Both teams share the valued mission of providing high quality affordable housing to residents.  On April 7, 2022, Trillium's executive team was honored to attend IHO's 45th Anniversary Celebration of "Building Possibilities" Event.

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Woodbridge Manor

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