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Management & Occupancy Review (MOR)

What is an MOR? A Management and Occupancy Review (MOR) is conducted by HUD and contract administrators annually for properties receiving government funding. The purpose a MOR is to assess management performance and property compliance with HUD guidelines and regulations. The goal is to receive a passing MOR score which means the property is adhering to HUD policies and is operating safe, fair and financially sound operation for providing affordable housing to the community.

Most Recent MORs:

6/6/23 - Huntington Gardens: "Above Average" Score

2/6/23 - Providence Gardens: "Above Average" Score

1/15/23 - Plymouth West: "Superior" Score

9/12/22 - Concord Huntington Park: "Above Average" Score

8/9/22 - Beverly Towers: "Superior" Score

6/26/22 - Community Garden Towers: "Superior" Score

6/7/22 - FAME Arms: "Satisfactory" Score

4/5/22 - Huntington Gardens: "Above Average" Score

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