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HUNTINGTON GARDENS Scores An Amazing 98b

The property received a final score of 98b, which equals the best possible outcome for a property under HUD/REAC’s scoring system.

Trillium’s REAC team completed a HUD/REAC inspection on January 14, 2022 for Huntington Gardens, a 185 unit high rise property in Huntington Beach, CA. Trillium’s maintenance team completed a full REAC audit of the property and executed the plan over the course of three weeks.

Picture of Huntington Gardens Property
Huntington Gardens
“Trillium’s REAC team performs at a very high level for our organization and ownership partners. We put a continued emphasis on maintaining our properties at REAC standards at all times, not just when we know an inspection is coming. Trillium has found this approach to be a critical aspect of receiving scores in the high 90’s. I am so proud of everyone who contributes to the REAC process here at Trillium!” - Monique Holden, CEO, Trillium Property Management

The property’s next REAC inspection will come in 2025 due to receiving an outstanding final score of 98b. The Trillium REAC team is off to a fantastic start in 2022!


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